Rainbow Lollipop alpha

the visual history browser

Meet your future browser

The Rainbow Lollipop is a new webbrowser that incorporates some radical new approaches to UI-design. Its revoutionary UI is developed to please both power-users and casual users. Rainbow Lollipop is currently under heavy development. It's currently in alpha state, which means that you will probably encounter bugs and crashes. Besides pushing the line in the area of UI concepts, Rainbow Lollipop is strongly commited to deliver safe and privacy-respecting default settings and to make use of privacy enhancing technologies.

Screenshot of the tracklist


Although the alpha-version is more of a techdemo than an actual browser, it already offers the following features:

  • Tracks

    Tracks are a replacement for tabs that you know from your conventional browser. Tracks, like tabs, enable you to browse many sites in a parallel fashion in one browserwindow with one little but significant difference. The track graphically represents the browsing history by default, so you can visually see and track your own movements through the web and jump to points that you already surfed to. To max this awesomeness out, tracks do not record the browsing history in a linear way like most browsers, but in form of a tree. This way you will never lose any history.
    I hope that tracks are the more practicable and convenient solution for people who tend to have huge loads of tabs open in parallel.

  • Mode based browsing

    Rainbow Lollipop is a mode based browser. This means that there are two modes that you switch between. One is the Tracklist mode in which you will be displayed all the tracks that you have currently opened. The other mode is the regular browsing mode. When you are in normal browsing mode, the browser will show no other UI elements than the website you are on so the content you want to watch is the only thing that occupies space on your screen.

  • Session Saving

    When you close Rainbow Lollipop, it will save all your opened tracks to your harddrive and reconstruct them on the next start, if you chose to.

  • Autocompletion

    When you start typing in the URL-bar of Rainbow Lollipop, it will automatically search the history to find out if you already surfed to a similar location and display those locations to you as hints. It will also offer you to launch a search engine with the words you entered. Unlike other browsers, Rainbow Lollipop will not send the entered words to a server without your consent. All autocompletion will be done on your own computer in order to protect your privacy.

  • Color Schemes

    A little eyecandy is mandatory, that's why despite its early development state, Rainbow Lollipop already supports color schemes. By default it ships with the widely known Solarized Dark colorscheme.