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the visual history browser

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Contribute Code

You can help develop the project by writing features and fixing bugs.
Rainbow Lollipop has a well commented codebase. It is small, overlookable and should be easy to work with. To contribute code , you should know how to use The Version Control System Git and the platform Github
Further, you should know the programming language Vala Vala. Vala is an object-oriented language for the GObject type system. It is very similar to C# and Java, so if you worked with one of those two, you should feel at home pretty soon after getting started. You will find a list with bugs and feature requests on the github repository. Check out the following tutorials for the used technologies and start contributing:

Contribute Money

If you find Rainbow Lollipop supportworthy, put some in the magic hat :)

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If you don't have time skill or money, please help by spreading the word and linking to this site in all the social networks you hang around on. You can also write articles tutorials, documentation, e.t.c. You can post any feedback or links to your non-github-contributions to our talk-mailinglist: lists.rainbow-lollipop.de